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Saudi Arabia and Human Rights?

Saudi Arabia does is not the best country for human rights, seen this year in the sentencing a blogger to 1,000 lashes with a cane for writing about free speech , and for its plans to execute a young political dissident by beheading him and publicly crucifying his body afterward. Also only this year have women been able to vote for the first time. So how does such a country end up being selected to oversee an influential U.N. panel on human rights?

This year Saudi Arabia has even
tried to gain a place on the United Nations Human rights council. A leaked document showed that Saudi Arabia has made a deal exchanging money and votes with the UK to obtain its seat on the United Nations’ 47-member human rights council.

However it could be argued that Saudi Arabia are not the only country that breaches human rights, the UN's high commissioner condemns capital punishment, yet a Amnesty International report shows that the United States who are on the UN council are also high offenders of capital punishment.

Critics say, including UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer said in a statement. "This UN appointment is like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief, and underscores the credibility deficit of a human rights council that already counts Russia, Cuba, China, Qatar and Venezuela among its elected members."

Maybe this suggests the international community needs to take better reforms on how it elects members to the UNHRC to remain a credible human rights organisation.

Laura Bailey
Sources: Washington post, Dailybeast , UN Watch
Images: (1) UN Watch, Washington post

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