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Facebook amends 'real name' policy

Facebook's 'real names' policy has been amended to allow people with unfamiliar names to use the social network. Facebook requires its users to go by their legal or "authentic" names, which it says makes people accountable for their actions and deals with cyberbullying more effectively.
Although Facebooks' original aim was to combat cyber bulling by making it harder for people to hide their identity, it does not help users who use different usernames for their safety or preferred sexual identity.However the amended feature allow users share any circumstances that they could not use their real name, this could be vital for victims of domestic abuse, or in cases a persons' sexuality could put them in danger. Facebook say that these changes were needed after conversations with community leaders and safety organizations around the world.

Facebook explain their new feature saying, "in the past, people were able to simply report a “fake name” but now they will be required to go through several new steps that provide us more specifics about the report. This additional context will help our review teams better understand why someone is reporting a name, giving them more information about a specific situation."

On the 15th of December Facebook aims to reduce the number of people who are asked to verify their name once they have already registered with Facebook. Their other aim is to make it easier to confirm their name if necessary.

Laura Bailey

Sources: BBCFacebook Press release
Images: (2)Facebook Press release, (1) BuzzCapture

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